Specialty Items
From time to time, we like to offer our clients some extreme specials that are not always on the menu. Seasonal fruits and vegetables cause havoc in our kitchen! We go crazy thinking of all the things we could with 24 boxes of tomatoes, 30 boxes of peppers, oranges galore and many other items that we get for that perfect time of year! All our dips are made from only the freshest ingredients. No preservatives or additives. Most come mild and hot.
Today and available anytime while quantities last are:
Eggplant Dip - great with all veggies, meats, all kinds of breads. Garden vegetables such as fresh eggplant, onions, coloured peppers and fresh tomatoes with awesome spices make this dip a winner! Serve heated or cold.
Tomato Garlic Dip - goes well with all meats especially pork. Also amazing with veggies and all varieties of bread especially focaccia and just plain toasted. Can also be eaten over rice or poured on roasted vegetables of any kind. Try some French fries instead of ketchup in this delectable dip. Wow! Serve heated or cold. Both ways are totally great!
Olive Tapenade - we coarsely grind our favourite olives including Greek Kalamata olives, wrinkled black Mediterranean olives, green falah olives and a few others. Roasted red peppers of course and only the finest extra virgin olive oil with specialty spices make this spread amazing. Eaten with anything really. Cheeses, pizza, watermelon especially, baked on fresh bread, on crackers, the possibilities are endless!
Red Pepper Jelly - For many years, we have been known for our famous red pepper jelly. Addictive is the only warning we can give you. We take great care and pride in our jelly. With the perfect portions of our ingredients, this jelly won’t last long in your fridge. The work it takes to make is awesome jelly is so difficult, we only make the jars once a year. Best with any types of cheeses especially cream cheeses and brie. We had a family member once tell us that they used it as a meat marinade as a test and were amazed at the outcome. A definite must try!
Mama’s Pink Pickles - Not your ordinary pickle, that's for sure! We work hard making these awesome pickles prepping the veggies over 7 days. Tasty ones such as turnips, carrots, cabbage and of course the veggie that everyone tries to always dig out of the jar, cauliflower. If any vegetables you don’t fancy are in this jar, we recommend you trying it You may probably love that vegetable all over again. Promise you will at least give it a try! What makes them pink? Fresh beets of course. Not too salty, not too high in vinegar potency, just right for all you pickle lovers.
A single one of our shiny beautiful peppers for our famous red pepper jelly!
An assortment of our jars ready and waiting for you. The dips and pickles. Fresh awesomeness!
We only use the best eggplants we can find in the markets, super shiny and purple!
Eggplant dip cooked in layers and ready for the masher mixer!
Our dip varieties are made with love and packed with flavor!
Our pickles take a week of prep before jarring. We love the pink colour most!
The beautiful colour, veggies, wonderful garlic flavor and the best with… anything! Highly addictive!
These special items come in various sizes, some don’t. Pick your passion and let us know.
Try before you buy? Of course!
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