At Health Haven Foods, rest assured,
we got you covered.

Our referral program and point system will be the easiest, most exciting rewards program.
(coming soon)

Ever gone out to eat and was let down? Food quality was not as good as you were told? The food industry is massive. So many options to choose from. It can sometimes be overwhelming.
At Health Haven Foods we appreciate food no matter who cooked and prepared it. The talent in the food industry around us is awesome! In those moments we just feel like eating out and not cooking. Maybe you want to explore new places around our city, all over western Canada?
This has been our thrill. We love eating out.

Here is our list of “Valued Venues”! Use your loyalty card to get discounts, VIP specials, just for you!
Your card is valued at all participating vendors and locations listed below for the entire year of your membership. Next to our valued vendors, you will find their discounts, terms & conditions.

Have fun, try new things & enjoy!
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