Baked Pasta Baked meatless or with beef. Baked to perfection…don’t want it baked? No problem..
Basa Dinner: We know how to succulently cook our fish. Our fish seasonings are also fresh which makes it even better. Choose from a variety of potato’s, rices and vegetables to go with this meal.
BBQ Chicken Wings: Wow we love making these! All kinds, not fatty…just right!
Berry ’n Nut Salad: A different type of salad with a vinaigrette dressing accompanies this creation perfectly!
Black Forest Ham Wrap : Pick what you want when you want it!
The BLT Add more T? Or perhaps B and minus the L? Maybe some extra C? All we know is put a lot of TLC in everything we create!
Cabbage Rolls: Lemony garlic goodness .
Caesar Salad: We’ve had some strange requests with how our clients love them. We make it any way you like!
Charcoal Chicken: Grilled, baked, charcoaled? Um yes…entirely different taste than grilled. Both fantastic. Mind you, all our chicken is fantastic!
Chicken Wrap/Sandwich Filling: Creamy & tasty!
Chicken Potato Prep: Getting ready for some pot roast chicken breast with veggies in gravy!
Chicken Stir Fry: Our favorite stir fry! Chicken breast with an array of colourful vegetables tossed in our asian sauces and spices.
Chicken Salad: Add shrimp? Sure! Your wish is our command .
Chicken Sandwich: The picture of the filling is on here somewhere!
Hummus Only from fresh. Smooth!
Party Christmas Tray: We can create amazing tray’s with your favorite baked goods such as brownies, assorted cookies, Mediterranean sweets including desserts from all over the world. Let us know what you would like.
Charcuterie Boards: One of many and many…
Club House : When all the goodness comes together.
Cucumber: Creamy and satisfying with everything!
Curry Spicy or not, this dish will satisfy your ethnic craving.
Disney Party Cater Event: We had fun with this one! A happy 40th birthday party and murder mystery. They sure went all out! Even the food was a mystery!
Egg Breakfast : Eggs the way you love them. This one is with sautéed mushrooms with a multigrain flax. Cannot forget those crunchy prestine grapes!
Egg Salad: Your tastebuds will love you forever! High in protein. We can’t tell you our secret but you’ve never had anything like this…
Fresh Falafel: The ultimate vegetarian poppers that pack not only a crunch but the flavour is intense! We can prep this as a meal or cater. Whatever your fancy. Comes with the tahini salad & pita.
Fresh Peas: Frozen and fresh difference? We spend 60% of our time schucking peas, corn and other fresh veggies. Essential for why we stand out from the rest.
Fruit Cater : Geesh, we love fruit.
Granola & Fibre: Dried fruit, protein and fibre. We created what we thought was healthy, tasty, nutritious, satisfying low fat, no preservatives..we can go on but you may just have to try them out yourself.
Granola Fibre Bars: Like the balls, we make them in bars too!
Granola Pudding: Like the balls, we make them in bars too!
Crunchy Grapes: Don’t ask us why but we have an internal passion for crunchy grapes. BIG crunchy grapes! Of all the photos we choose to use, this one has to be my favourite.
Greek Salad: With a genuine greek staff member who happens to also be a great chef, we know how to OPA the right way..without breaking any dishes!
Grilled Meats : Our marinades are bang on!
Cinnamon Buns: Ever had a homemade multigrain cinnamon bun? Have the carb but try to make it as healthy as you can..we love them.
Homemade Wedgie Fries: Not to make or poke fun, but someone actually asked us for this recipe? We didn’t really know what to say.
House Salad: I can say we have these mastered.
Japanese Fried Beef & Rice: Made with extra lean ground beef and wonderful flavors with added toasted sesame seeds. Can’t forget to sprinkle the chopped green onions on top.
Alive & Kicking Dungeness Crab : It saddens us when we have to cook live crab. No, it really does! It just tastes so darn good. Our secret spices in our boils are delicious!
Seafood Mac n’Cheese: Lobster, shrimp and crab. Not even as important as the 8 cheeses. Can you say gooey? Creamy, smooth goodness.
Mama’s Pink Pickles: Our pickling process is long but the rewards are great! Cucumbers? Nope! Cauliflower, turnips, carrots, beets & cabbage.
Meat & Cheese Cater: You can choose from eight different freshly sliced deli meats and eight different cheeses to create a platter fit for a king! How big or small is up to you. The possibilities of your tray creation are endless.
Meat & Cheese Platters: Black Forest ham, honey ham, maple ham, peri peri chicken, smoked turkey, pepperoni, sausages and a variety of cubes cheeses. Your wish is our command.
Mediterranean Chicken: One of our popular prepped foods.
Mediterranean Fruit Platters: One of the most popular mixes of Mediterranean cuisine is the sweet and salty. Different cheeses such as halloumi, akawi and string cheeses with anise, goes popular with fruit especially watermelon!
Mediterranean Salad: Yet another variety, of course.
Crab: Cutest crabs we have ever seen. Now to ponder whether we charge by the pound?
Mulukia & Rice : The Mulukia we use is very similar to spinach. Imported from Egypt, this spinach is so wonderfully tasty. Made with chicken in this wonderful garlic sauce.
Okra & Rice : We use little baby okra in a fresh crushed tomato sauce, garlic then pick your meat! Don’t want meat? Vegetarian styles work too!
Chicken Noodle Soup: Most definitely a soup for your soul with only the freshest ingredients.
Mini Cake Treats: Healthy, not so healthy? What do you crave? Why not have your own personal loaf? Flavors? Name it!
Pigs In A Blanket: So fun for kids made fresh to order, never frozen.
Pinwheels: So fun to cater! Oh the varieties!
Pork Chop Dinner: We marinade our pork chops and delicately season them with a twist of lemon so they are flavoured through and through. Spicy or mild is up to you. Our meals come with your choice of carbs and veggies. Tell us what you like and don’t like. We can make it happen.
Pork & Rice: Another food prep idea. With chic peas, you eat this meal with a huge blob of plain yogurt on top of the hot rice. You will believe you were just born again!
Pork Stew : This medley is one of a kind. We are sure you never tried leeks this way!
Pork Stirfry: Pick your asian inspired favourite sauce and we will toss in our fresh veggies such as sprouts, carrots, mushrooms, broccoli, whatever you like. By itself or over jasmine scented rice.
Prime Rib: Different marinades, different flavours. Tell us what you would like it slow roasted with...
Roasted Chicken Prep : Our chicken, what we are well known for, had some of the most scrumptious flavours known to mankind! No really..
Roasted Fresh Veggies: Can you bring the picture up closer to see how mouthwatering these truly look? We do, all the time but in person!
Salad Cater: We can cater some of the more splendorous salads. We get tired of the plain Jane, pretty quickly.
Samosa Filling: We can’t be as exact for these babies but we come pretty darn close. Spicy or not, they are great!
Sandwich Variety Platters: Artisan bread, wraps, Italian buns or pita. So many wonderful breads to choose from. You pick! Salami’s, ham varieties, smoked fine meats, turkey, chicken, sausages and more. Vegetarian? No problem. We have a long list to choose from.
Sandwich & Some Fixings : Your guests will love you. Pick your passions.
Scramblers: Breakfast goodness.
Shepherd’s Pie: Unlike any shepherd’s pie you’ve tasted yet!
Wedge Potato’s : Do we really have to give out the recipe for this?
Smoked Turkey Wrap: All your likes, we can wrap it up for you. Grab and go for those busy lifestyles.
Spinach Pie: Homemade and baked fresh to order.
Stuffed Chicken Breast: From scratch, our moist and flavourful chicken can be stuffed with whatever you like or you can simply leave it up to us!
Stuffed Kusa, Eggplant & Tomato: In a fresh diced tomato sauce. Amazing dinner ideas that are healthy and made fresh to order.
Beef Tenderloin: Why go out for dinner when you can have it freshly made for you and delivered to your door?
Beef Tenderloin Stir-fry: Why go out for dinner when you can have it freshly made for you and delivered to your door? The most tender beef with fresh tossed veggies in asian sauces or without.
Thick Sandwiches: We are FOR SURE not light on the meats. If your gonna eat it, you may as well enjoy it!
Tomato & Fresh Beans: Nice vegetarian meal of fresh stewed tomatoes and fresh cut beans in a garlic sauce. Eat it as a side, make it a meal over rice.
Tortellini Soup: Made in a fresh tomato base or a garlic yogurt (my personal favourite), we hand make our tortellini with beef, onions and spices.
Tuna Salad: We can’t tell you everything we put in the tuna salad. We are pretty famous for it though.
Tuna We can’t tell you everything we put in the tuna salad. We are pretty famous for it, have a closer look!
Veggies & More Veggies: Such varieties of veggies platters. Choose your favourites.
Grape Leaves: With/without meat. Called “Dolma”, they can be stuffed with beef, rice, tomato and spices or meatless with baby chic peas, rice, tomato and spices.
Vegetable Platters: Yet another, we love designing them to wow your guests.
Sandwich Platter: We always have so much of these with our clients orders…
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