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Food Prep & Catering
Welcome to Health Haven Foods, food prep and catering services. Fresh healthy foods using only the freshest ingredients, is our priority. Some of our famous delectable recipes date back over ninety years. At Health Haven Foods, you can be assured that the consistent care and quality that goes into the food we prepare for you will be amazing, always! The nutritional values of our food will go above and beyond your expectations.
Who says eating healthy has to taste boring? Whether you're wanting to lose weight, gain weight or just eat healthy, we can help. Give us your diet plan if you have one or feel free to use our knowledgeable staff to assist you in achieving your goal.
Don’t feel like cooking?
For some of us, it's not just about health. Time plays a huge factor in many of our lives. Lately, many of us have very little of it. Fast food has now become ridiculously expensive. Hard working families, simply trying to make it through the day.
Health Haven Foods can help get that delectable meal straight to your table. We cater to families of all sizes including just a simple dinner for two. We also cater to all sizes of events offering serviced and unserviced catering for your special event.
Health Haven Foods can offer over 150 different meal creations by international recipes from all over the world. You will never be bored. Want something NOT listed on our menu? Let us know and we can surely try to create it for you. We would love that.
Tired of preparing your fussy kids lunches? Stop the madness!! We totally understand. We can prep lunches the way YOUR KIDS like them and deliver them straight to your door weekly or a few times a week. Whatever your family needs may be.
We are family here at Health Haven Foods. Family owned and run for over 10 years. With kids of our own, we understand the efforts and madness when it comes to affordability and great tasting food.

Don’t let anyone try to tell you different. Every picture listed is an original from Health Haven Foods taken right here in our kitchen. Unedited and original images.
What you see is what you can expect. Period.

Many of our delectable dish images have ended up all over the internet with people claiming they have created our foods, but rest assured they have not. We here, at Health Haven Foods, are the originators, creators and true recipe holders of everything you see on our website!
Many others make similar foods and surely have tried hard to get them to taste just right, however the flavors and textures will never be the same.
Health Haven donates any and all gratuity from our food prep clients, to our most extreme catering orders, including all proceeds of our specialty dips & pickles to -Angel’s Among Us Calgary”.  
A non - profitable business that helps feed Calgary’s Homelessness. Their volunteers and meal prep workers help purchase, prep and bag as many meals as they can and personally deliver them to Calgary’s homeless in and around our city.

If you would like to help and donate any type of assistance.

We look forward to tantalizing your taste buds and can’t wait to thrill you.

We are so excited to announce that we have a dine-in and take out location coming soon! Get your meals prepped fresh the way you like it, right before your eyes! We are excited to move out of our commercial kitchen and have the ability to serve our valued clients face to face.

Our online orders and delivery system will never change including our delicious food consistency and freshness guarantee.
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