Meals are in 4 price ranges depending on Protein. 
85 Grams and under
86 Grams - 150 Grams
151 Grams - 199 Grams
Over 200 Grams

Client dietary programs are payable at the START of each week, 2 weeks or monthly depending on your choice of delivery & program you choose.
Preps are in 3 and 4 day intervals depending on what you order.

We look forward to tantalizing your taste buds! 
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Food Prepped Meals
Only a few examples of what we can do for you!

Beef & Rice

A moist and delicious blend of beef with sautéed
mushrooms, multicoloured bell peppers
with onions.
Seasoned specifically to tantalize your taste buds.
This meal also comes with your choice
of basmati rice,
baby potatoes or mashed potatoes
and steamed crunchy veggies.


Flavoured to perfection, these tasty treats
come in 4 different flavours.
Sweet Thai Chili, honey garlic,
teriyaki, sweet & sour or just plain.
Your choice!
This meal also comes with your choice of sides.
Potatoes either mashed, roasted or baked.
Choose your veggies either roasted or steamed!

We also make turkey & chicken meatballs!
Beef seasoned with our secret spices,
topped with green onion, parsley and
barbecued perfectly to hold in the juices
making these kabobs so tasty,
we bet you can't eat just one.
This meal also comes with a side of
your choice of basmati rice & noodles
or potatoes with steamed veggies.

Pasta with Meat Sauce, Meatless & Lasagne

Enjoy Penne, bow-tie or spaghetti noodles
with a delectable meat sauce topped
with Parmesan cheese.
Our sauce is seasoned and cooked over 4 hours
simmering the flavors of the veggies
into the creamy fresh tomato sauce.
Fresh is best.
We add 4 kinds of cheese to our sauce.

A must try!


Well, how can we say our chicken is a hit!
We have captured not only the moistness
but the spices we use make this dish,
one of our most wanted dishes.
We sure feel sorry for the chickens.
We can make our chicken for you in many ways.
Some include our famous chicken teriyaki,
Greek chicken marinated with a perfect blend
of our own secret spices,
sweet & sour chicken & chicken
with Molokai (spinach) over rice.
You can choose your carb and the veggies
you love the most to make your meal perfect!

Top Sirloin Steak

How do you like your steak?
Seared the way you like it and
sliced over the carb of your choice.
Basmati rice with noodles, plain rice or potatoes
made the way you like them.
Baked, mashed, roasted with your choice
of veggies making this the perfect fine
dining steak dinner you will ever have!

Fillet Mignon

A beautiful steak to enjoy without eating out!
Cooked to your liking and served with
your choice of potatoes or rice and a
side of steamed or sautéed veggies.

Salmon & Other Fish (Basa, Cod, Tilapia)

Fresh is best! Atlantic fresh salmon baked
with a careful eye to its perfect state of DONE.
Basted with fresh lemon, dill and other spices.
The baking process makes this meal a must try!
Our fresh salmon comes with
your choice of potatoes,
baked, mashed or roasted.
You can also choose from basmati rice and
of course seasoned veggies,
steamed or sautéed.


Lentil, Italian Wedding, Broccoli Cheddar,
Chicken Noodle & Chicken Rice

Pork Chops

Yes, do we ever know how to cook them right!
So full of flavor, our favourite is lemon spice.
Not too hot spicy but lemony!
You will love them.
We can offer different sauces such as honey garlic,
teriyaki, sweet and sour, garlicky onion
and of course our lemony spice!
Choose your sides and enjoy!

Sandwiches & Wraps

Our sandwiches and wraps are made
with or without margarine.
Mayo & mustard on the side
including veggies and dip.
Choose from turkey, Montreal smoke, black forest
ham, ultimate veg and our famous tuna salad.

Wraps & Omelettes

Our wraps or filled with deliciousness.
Eggs or egg whites, veggies and 4 different cheeses
are offered in a variety of wraps.
Choose from steak and eggs, ground beef and eggs,
chicken bacon, ham and eggs and spinach and feta.
Choose your wrap!
White or whole wheat.
Shaped as a slice of pie, our omelettes
are seasoned with the veggies you love
or you can just trust us to make them great!
We add cheeses and pita bread
to make this an easy quick
breakfast that tastes great!
We have over 30 breakfast combos…

Greek Yogourt & More
(we are well known for these)

Our Greek yogourt is mixed with chia seeds
and oats topped with crunchy granola
and fresh seasoned fruit.
A super healthy breakfast to start your day!

Personalized Snacks!

Fruit Plates, Veggie Dips, Meat & Cheese plates


All kinds of delicious fresh salsa & salads such as
Mediterranean, Greek, Tossed, Potato,
Caesar, Mixed Greens & Berry crunch,
Pasta and many many more…

How It Works?

Meals are in 4 price ranges
depending on Protein.

85 Grams and under
86 Grams - 150 Grams
151 Grams - 199 Grams
Over 200 Grams

Minimum 48 hours notice is required
for all orders.

• All meals are prepared from only
the freshest ingredients.
If you would like to freeze any of our meals,
please inform us of this when you order.

• Please let us know of any allergies
or dislikes prior to
placing your order.

Only client dietary programs are payable at the START of each
week, 2 weeks or monthly depending on your choice of delivery
& program you choose.

Preps are cooked fresh and delivered
for you in 3 and 4 day intervals, depending on what you order.

We accept cash, email money transfers, Visa & MasterCard.

We look forward to
tantalizing your taste buds!

Questions or to place an order?

Call 403.483.3244 or CONTACT US
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